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Body Treatments At Estancia

Estancia Body Treatments

Body treatments are essentially a facial for your whole body and leave your skin feeling velvety smooth and soft. The idea behind a body treatment is that is just as important to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin on your body as it is the skin of your face.

Body Polish

Estancia Body PolishYour skin will thank you! This exfoliating body polish is enriched with fresh sugar cane crystals, cold pressed virgin coconut oil and exotic nut extracts that will nourish, moisturize and protect your skin leaving it glowingly healthy.

Botanical Mud Wrap

Estancia Body Mud WrapA unique body treatment using a specially formulated, mineral-rich mud blended with chamomile, lavender and rose petals.  Excellent detoxification and hydration so your skin will breathe like new.

Invigorating Herbal Infusion

Estancia Herbal InfusionAddress stress with this balancing therapy that helps soothe the soul and stimulate the mind. Aromatic oils and healing herbs are infused into warm muslin sheets that are wrapped around the body helping to calm the nerves, clear the head and boost energy.

Body Bronze

Estancia Body BronzeA healthy alternative for the perfect tan. Your spa professionals will apply a sunless tanning mousse that will give you an even, sun kissed bronze tan. Special instructions apply to this service, please call for details


prices are subject to change without notification

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